1Urticaria and other types of allergic conditions are very common in general population. IIAM Groups Skin & Laser Clinic at Pune provides all fascilities like allergy testing to find out the exact cause of allergy and treatment for urticaria and other allergic problems. ​

Allergy testing is the method to find out the cause of allergy in a patient. There are two methods of allergy testing. One is allergic prick test and other is skin patch test. Prick test is usually done to find out the cause related to food ingredients, dust, insects and pollen grains. It is done in urticaria, allergic rhinitis and asthma. Patch test is done to find out cause of contact allergy. It is done in allergic contact dermatitis like due to cement, artificial jewelry, hair dye etc.

Skin prick test :

Skin patch test :