skintagIIAM Groups Skin & Laser Clinic at Pune Is well equipped with all advance instrumentation to provide best treatment for warts, skin tags, moles and skin growths.


Wart is skin colored or reddish brown lump on skin which is small & hard & sometimes soft. They occur due to human papilloma virus. There are many types of warts. Warts are contagious & can spread from one part of body to another. Warts can occur in children. Early diagnosis & treatment is required because warts can spread. Treatment of wart is quick & painless. No cutting & stitching is required.

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Skin tags are benign harmless growths of skin which are attached to body by peduncle or stalk. Skin tags are commonly found in areas where the skin creases such as in neckline, underarms, and groins, under breast as well as creases in eyelid. It may occur any part of body. These are frequently found in individuals who are obese & having insulin resistance & persons who are prone to diabetes or already suffering from diabetes. It may be genetic (Familiar) in some individuals.Skin tags are totally harmless to body but sometimes there are chances of secondary infection in it & they may increase in very large size. So it is better to remove it with proper technique. Skin tags never change into cancerous lesions over time. Skin tags can be removed with radio-electro surgery. This procedure is quick & painless. No cutting & no stitching is required.

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Mole also termed as nevi are likely to be seen on face, arms & legs. It is pigmented cell which is dark brown or black in color. With time mole generally change in size & color gradually. Sometimes hairs grow from inside mole. Mole is totally harmless & hardly changes into cancerous lesion. Having mole is only a cosmetic problem.Mole is superficial & sometimes it is deep. Deep mole is also called as dermal mole.

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