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What is HIFU ? Lipoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure performed to remove unwanted fat.

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Welcome to Indian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (IIAM) is first of its kind in providing training in higher end cosmetology

Rx For Resistant Fungal Infections

What are fungal infections ? Many fungi are parasites for plants, animals, human, and other fungi. Some fungi can cause

Hair Transplantation Calculator

Hair Transplantation Calculator

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Hair removal- if more than six sittings are required then will be done in 50% of actual price Axila or underarms- 1500/-

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Carbon Facial 1.What are Carbon facials (by Q-switched Nd:YAG laser )? The has been used in cosmetic laser dermatology for

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What is Chemical Peels

What is CHEMICAL PEELS ? Skin peeling consist of application of particular lotion or cream over skin surface after cleansing & degreasing so that it exfoliates & removes dead skin over face & body to stimulate regeneration of skin. The regenerated skin is smoother & less wrinkled than old skin. It is safe method of skin rejuvenation30

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Skin Treatment

SKIN TREATMENT…. IIAM Groups Skin & Laser Clinic is well equipped with all advance technology to provide the best facilities for diagnosis and treatment of all general skin diseases in pune sinhagad road. We treat all hair, allergy and nail related problems.  There are many types of skin diseases like bacterial, viral.

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What are Photo-Facial

What are PHOTOFACIAL ? Photo facial or photo rejuvenation is the latest treatment modality to take care of photoaged skin in modern dermatology, allowing patients to transform his/hers red, blotchy skin into a radiant complexion. The treatment results in enhanced skin texture and pore size better hydration.

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Laser Treatment

LASER TREATMENT…The first lasers used to treat skin conditions occurred over 40 years ago. Argon and carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers were commonly used to treat benign vascular birthmarks such as port-wine stains and haemangiomas. It is not radiation so it is totally safeIt is done under local anasthesia so it is painless.

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What Our Client Say

It was my first time experience with the IIAM skin clinic and I'm more than impressed. My adult acne problems were making me feel uncomfortable among my contemporaries but Dr L K Desai helped me and treated my skin and today it is completely acne free. I'm thankful to the clinic staff as well for cooperation and help during the treatment.

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Sweety Sharma

( Manager )

My wrinkle problems were becoming worse and making me look more than my actual age. I had lost all hopes and had thought i would have to compromise with my condition but the IIAM Skin Clinic proved a blessing for me. Dr. L K Desai recommended me the laser treatment for my wrinkle problems and also explained me the treatment procedure. I'm happy that i took his advise and gone through the treatment.


Akash Sawant

( HR Manager )